A Political Hatchet Job Under the Cover of Human Rights

The tone, belittling the very essence of an independent Eritrea, is unmistakable. The underlying purpose, undermining Eritrea’s sovereignty, is also clear. Judging by the similarity of the language the minority regime in Ethiopia routinely uses to demonize Eritrea, it looks like the minority regime in Ethiopia has invested a lot in the political hatchet job released on Monday, June 8, 2015 under the guise of a UN Human Rights report on Eritrea.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 31st) Eritrea’s Diplomatic Victories at 24

For many underdeveloped countries particularly African, Diplomacy means: to be flexible, to acquiesce, compromise, undermine-once-principle and values to accommodate suitors at the expense of long term interests of the nations they claim serve. Eritrea’s firm and principled stances are therefore aberration to the norm and thorn on the sides of those who benefit from the diplomatic acquiescence or submissiveness of countries that sell their souls in order to remain in power for financial or other gains.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 24th) Happy Birthday Eritrea

Today is May 24; Eritrea's birthday. Today Eritrea is 24 years young. After suffering for a century, shy 6 months, of successive and brutal colonial rules: Italian (1890-1941), British (1941-1952) and Ethiopian (1952-1991) and after 30 years of protracted Armed Struggle for Independence, Eritrea was finally liberated on May 24, 1991 by the Eritrean People's Liberation Army.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 23rd) ERITREA: a Model of Social Justice in Africa

Eritreans have championed the vision of social justice for their people and with astounding results. All this was done without opening the country to aid. Instead, they have created innovative programs that maximized their few resources, and engaged all Eritrean people in the task of development. In this sense Eritrea is a good model for the rest of us in Africa.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 23rd) Emigration Consequence of False Promises

ኤርትራ ግዳይ ናይ ናጻ ፖለቲካዊ መርገጻ ኮይና ከምዘላ፡ ብሰንኩ ኣብ ልዕሊ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ብምምሕዳር ኣሜሪካ ውዲት ከምዝተኣልመ ኣብቲ ብዊኪሊክስ ዝለሓዄ ምስጢራዊ ሰነድ ዘቃልዖ ብጻዕዳን ጸሊምን ተሰኒዱ ኣሎ። ዝኾነ ሰብ ክሓቶ ዘለዎ ኣገዳሲ ሕቶ፡ ኤርትራ ነዚ ኩሉ ውዲታትን ሽርሕታትን ብዘይ ግዳማዊ ሓገዝ በዲሃ ብሩህ መጻኢኣ ከተማዕዱ ካብ በቕዐት ፡ ናጻ ተገዲፋ ነይራ እንተትኸውን ኣብዘን ዝሓለፋ ሒዶት ናይ 24 ናይ ናጽነት ዓመታት እንታይ ዓይነት ተኣምር ከተርኢ ምስከኣለት ነይራ? ዝብል እዩ። ብባድመ ኣመኽኒኻ ዘበገስዎ ፈተነ ምስፈሸለ፡ ኣድህበኦም ኣብቲ ዲናሞ ናይ ለውጢ ዝኾነ መንእሰይ ብምቕናዕ ልብን ቀልብን መንእሰያት ዝስሕብ ናይ ሓሶት መብጽዓታት ብምንዛሕ ንኽብርታት መንእሰያት ዝድውን፡ ስነ-ኣእምሮኣዊ ኲናት ከካይዱ እዮም ተራእዮም።