YPFDJ Dallas Youth & Hizbawi Mekete

There is no greater strength than our unity, and true to "Hade Hizbi, Hade Libi", the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding area Eritreans came out in mass for Saturday's Mekete from midday until well beyond sundown. The day was a great success as Eritreans, young and old, arrived with concern for their country and left armed with knowledge and ready to petition and demonstrate on behalf of Eritrea "adena."

The day started with a Youth Mekete hosted by YPFDJ Dallas. The participants were immensely impressed with guest speaker Dr. Ghidewon Abay-Asmerom's presentation, which enthralled and educated the youth of Dallas. Thirsty for more, the Youth Mekete ran into overtime as a spirited question and answer session followed concluding that the security of our nation comes first and foremost. With this understanding, a letter and petition to President Barack Obama was read and signed. Not satisfied with this alone, many expressed interest in joining the YPFDJ global movement and the E-SMART campaign. There truly is no unity like the Eritrean one!

As a testimony to his tireless resolve, Dr. Ghidewon ensued with a Hezbawi Mekete, public seminar for all, immediately after with more attendees than chairs! Parents and community members stood before everyone and reaffirmed their loyalty and love for their country. The children assisted with passing out brochures informing the public of the sanction and Dr. Ghidewon wrapped up yet another eloquent presentation outlining Eritrea's history and the importance of ensuring our voices are heard by joining the E-SMART campaign and petitioning to our representatives. All the participants stood to pledge support to their country and sign the petitions that were prepared for the event. Witnessing the dedication and determination of the Eritrean people was inspiring and motivating for the participants.

The day ended with a community appreciation dinner catered by Hamade and musical entertainment by DJ Mak. In addition to the tasty buffet style meal provided, DFW Eritreans were treated to a wonderful and heart-warming dance performance by the Dallas Eritrean Community School. For many of us, the image of the children of Dallas dancing in traditional Eritrean clothes, as one proud little boy spun in the center holding the Eritrean flag high will bring a smile for years to come. Choreographed by the volunteers teachers of the Eritrean Community School, the dance routine caused the hall to stand in joyous applause as the dancers showered them with popcorn.

As the night ended and people left with copies of the petition and their
copies of Merih newsletter, a worldwide newsletter by the youth, YPFDJ
Dallas couldn't help but be overwhelmed with the bond that unites us all.
One thing is clear; the Eritrean spirit can never be sanctioned! YPFDJ
Dallas would like to thank Dr. Ghidewon Abay-Asmerom, for his continued
dedication to Eritrea and his tireless efforts to raise awareness of the
public. We would also like to thank and commend the PFDJ and the Shemagele mekete committee, the Dallas Eritrean Community School, and the Eritrean Community members of the DFW area for their guidance, unconditional support, and words of encouragement and wisdom.

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