Denver’s First Mekete Meeting A Great Success!

On December 23rd 2009, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) imposed sanctions on Eritrea which the Colorado Eritrean community firmly denounces. Galvanized by the unjust actions of the UNSC, the community held the first of two mekete meetings on January 31st at the Red Lion Hotel. The meeting was organized within a week’s time; despite the short preparation time, the people of Colorado turned out in great numbers. The purpose of the mekete meeting was to discuss the effects of the sanctions and elect leaders to organize around the issues.

At the entrance, attendees were greeted by youth equipped with laptops who helped everyone sign the online E-SMART petition; for those who preferred not to wait in line, they had the option to put their contact information on an index card so that it could entered in at a later time. The program began with an introduction from the consulate representative and the YPFDJ chairwoman. Following introductions, a variety of position statements and poems were performed by YPFDJ and community members.

Denver was fortunate enough to have Alazar Abraham from the California Bay Area as their guest speaker. Alazar shared a couple of videos which illustrated how Eritrea has been the target of betrayal since its existence as well as one that showed historical unjust policies inflicted by America.

For the remainder of his presentation, Alazar shared Eritrea’s successes,
which the press never show; he encouraged Eritreans in the diaspora to work together, and he said they should be professional, efficient, organized and committed.

We then shifted to the shimagle mekte committee formation process. Alazar discussed what shimagle mekete is, the role of the shimagle mekete plays in their respective communities, and the organizational structure. At the end of the evening, 20 people were elected to serve as shimagle mekete. The shimagle mekete felt so energized and ready to work, that they conducted their first meeting immediately after the mekete meeting.

The entire event received great feedback. The Colorado Eritrean community has been revived and is ready to stand behind its people, its country and its government against all enemies.

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