Successful E-SMART Campaign/Hizbawi Mekete in Columbus, Ohio

We, Eritreans residing in Columbus, Ohio, at our public meeting of 30th January 2010, and after listening to a paper presented on the topic, entitled: "Even Now We Challenge to Reckless and Unjust U.N. sanctions against Eritrea", unanimously resolved on the following:-

1. U.N. Security council does not have any valid reason/facts that
necessitated resolution 1907/2009. Hence we strongly condemn it for its
irresponsibility and appeal UN to immediately repeal it.

2. We call the international community from being used as instruments
of illegal and unjustified acts by certain group of peoples. We also call
them to stand on the side of justices and legality and act rationally and

3. We commend our government for all its polices it has been
undertaking to protect and defend Eritrea's sovereignty

4. Now as ever we affirm that we support our government and stand with our other Eritrean mass

5. We salute our heroic Eritrean Defense Force on their steadfastness
in defending Eritreans sovereignty. We assure you tat we will always be at your side.

Victory to the Mass!

Simagle Mekete
Columbus, Ohio
30th January 2010