Press Release: Dallas/Fort Worth hosts successful Hizbawi Mekete‏ Seminar

By YPFDJ-Dallas

There is no greater strength than our unity. True to the motto Hade Hizbi, Hade Libi, Dallas and Fort Worth Eritreans came out in mass for Sunday’s Mekete from midday until well beyond sundown. The day was a great success as Eritreans, young and old, arrived with concern for their country and left armed with knowledge and ready to petition and demonstrate on behalf of our beloved country.

The seminar began with a moment of silence followed by an opening statement welcoming guest speaker, Dr. Tesfay Aradom. Everyone was immensely impressed with Dr. Tesfay, whose presentation enthralled and educated those in attendance. The Mekete ran into overtime as a spirited question and answer session followed and concluding that the security of our nation comes first and foremost. With this understanding, a letter and petition to President Barack Obama was read and signed by the attendees. There truly is no unity like the Eritrean one!

Eritreans in Dallas/Fort Worth continue to realize the significance of their role in ensuring these actions against their homeland do not hurt the people of Eritrea and they plan to do that by making their voices heard right here in their local area!