London: Eritrean Community Campaign Committee (ECCC) Statement

May 26, 2011 Eritrean Community Campaign Committee (ECCC) Statement:

E-SMART Action to Lift the UN Sanction against Eritrea From 20 June to 6 July, 2011

Ever since the unjust and illegal sanction resolution was imposed on Eritrea, three stages of worldwide campaigns to lift the UN sanction have been conducted. Accordingly, British-Eritreans and friends of Eritrea participated in the Geneva demonstration and thousands sent petitions to the Secretary General of the UN, President Barrack Obama, Foreign Affair Ministries and many other institutions and pressure groups.

The actions demonstrated the determination of the British-Eritreans, other Eritreans residing in the UK and friends of Eritrea to stand against the injustices and in support of the Eritrean people and Government. They also contributed immensely to their mobilization and organization as a community. Moreover, the actions taken were also indicative of the need to continue the resolute rebuff against the resolution. Hence, a UK based programme has again been planned towards that end and as part of the worldwide E-Smart action to lift the sanction imposed on Eritrea.

The programme will encompass writing emails, fax and making phone calls to members of the UN Security Council. Diaspora Eritreans and friends of Eritrea will thus be tasked to send petitions to the Permanent Representative of the UK in the United Nations Security Council.

Special emphasis will be made to involve all friends of Eritrea, various community groups and Horn of Africa communities in the UK in E-smart Campaign. In general, however, more effort will be made to approach and influence various institutions and pressure groups so as to raise their voice for justice.

The action will take place from June 20 (which is Eritrea’s Martyrs Day) to July 6, 2011 in all the major cities of the UK. An Action Day will also be organized on July 6, 2011 and involving all friends of Eritrea in this wholeday campaign is also of paramount importance.

For additional information please contact ECCC on 020 7837 3670.

ECCC, London