Successful Hizbawi Mekete conducted in London UK!

Press Statement
Eritreans in London - UK, held a public meeting, on Sunday 12 December 2010, as part of the ongoing worldwide campaign to annul and repeal the illegal, unjust and unfair US/UN Resolution 1907 (2009) imposed against the people of Eritrea.

In the event moderated by Mr Ahmed Mahmud and started with a moment of silence in memory of the Eritrean Martyrs, Dr Hailu Embaye, Eritrean Community Campaign Committee (ECCC) Secretary, updated the participants on the various public campaign activities conducted and called on the nationals to enhance their contribution in community and national activity. He further gave a briefing on the undergoing worldwide Action Month Action and called upon all Eritreans to be part of the Action Day taking place on 15th of December 2010.

Representatives of youth, children, women, artists, regional London organizations and PFDJ members also presented deliberations on their activities and read their resolutions in support of the people and government of Eritrea and lauded the successful development campaigns in their homeland. They again condemned the illegal and unjust t resolution and called the UNSC to annul and repeal the resolution.

H.E.Tesfamicael Gerahtu, Ambassador of the State of Eritrea in the UK was invited to give a brief update on the political, economical and diplomatic developments under the theme “2010 as a Turning Point in Eritrea: Strengthening National Capacity and strategic implications”. In his speech, the Ambassador focused on the national capacity that reflected diplomatic maturity, the national capacity created that laid a foundation for food security and the national capacity raising productivity through the creation of strategic manufacturing. In the conclusion, the Ambassador gave an insight on the 2011-12 Framework of activities in developmental diplomacy, extended mobilization and organization of the Eritrean Diaspora and strengthening the link between the Mission and the Diaspora Eritreans in the UK through efficient and effective services and communications.

During the question and answer session, the participants shared their ideas and comments on how to further organize and continue the campaign to Annul and Repeal the unjust and illegal sanctions imposed against the Eritrean people and raise their participation in national development activities.

At the end of the meeting the ECCC Secretary presented the Concluding Statement of the meeting encompassing the basic resolutions which was unanimously passed by the participants. The Eritrean community in the UK, in the Statement reiterated readiness to back up the national development drive and the all-round resolute rebuff standing along their people and Government and called upon the UN Security Council to annul and repeal the sanction resolution imposed on Eritrea without delay.

8th Hzbawi Mekhete London UK!
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ECCC, London

December 13, 2010