Resolution of Eritreans in San Jose, CA, against the Shameful UN Sanctions

Eritreans in San Jose conducted monthly Hizbawi Mekete forum on Saturday January 16, 2010 and thoroughly discussed the shameful and unjust UN Security Council sanctions Resolution 1907, which was adopted on December 23 2009.

In rejecting the unjust UN sanction, and at the same time, recognizing the tremendous developments that Eritrean people undergoing, the participants endorsed the following resolutions:

1) In light of the numerous UN resolutions in protecting Somalia’s sovereignty and its related UN embargo, hence ignoring the US supported invasion by Ethiopia, and also in considering Ethiopia’s continued occupation of Eritrea’s sovereign lands, this UNSC resolution against our country Eritrea, has clearly showed that the UNSC has double standards, has become the tool of the aggressive US government’s foreign policy, as a corrupt organization. Hence, we believed that:
a) The charges on which the UN Sanction, Resolution 1907, emanated from were politically motivated and were also based on unjustified fabrications.
b) The US government was using the UN Security Council to punish proud and independent minded countries that oppose to support its unjustified foreign policies.
Therefore, in joining Eritreans at home and abroad, and peace loving people all over the World for justice, we call upon United Nations, for an immediate lifting of the unjustified sanctions against Eritrea. We denounced the shameful and unjust UN Security Council’s sanction, Resolution 1907, which had no moral, ethical and legal grounds but was adopted on political ground, against our country Eritrea, on December 23, 2009.

2) Considering the double standard of the Security Council’s increasing indifference, we denounce the awkward UN Security Council for not imposing sanctions against Ethiopia for occupying sovereign Eritrean land which was virtually demarcated by the UN boundary commission.

3) Recognizing our heroic, peaceful and hardworking people and their hard earned visionary government, we pledge to support Eritrea financially, morally and politically to advance our nation building Warsay-Yikealo Marshal Plan, to the best interest of Eritrea.
The priorities of our government include:
(a) Increasing the national productive capacity through utilizing natural resources, investment in human capital for the provision of quality, and relevant education that enhances investment in science and technology, health, human skills development and tolerance among people.
(b) Bridging the gap in living standard between the rural and urban areas by investing in the socioeconomic developments and infrastructure sectors.
(c) Increasing in government assistance to persons with disabilities that guarantees their social participation and equal access to public services.
We therefore support Eritrea and its Government’s national priorities for the country to become an economically self relied, politically independent, and democratically advanced nation through people centered investments.

In considering the need for continued resistance and solidarity against Eritrea’s sworn enemies, the participants decided to conduct the Hizbawi Mekete forum every two weeks instead of once a monthl.

Eternal Glory to our Martyrs !
Wetru Awet n’Hafash !
Eritreans in Hizbawi Mekete, San Jose, California