The E-Smart campaign: Smarter than the “Smart” sanctions.

By Mike Seium, Monday December 06, 2010

As the one year anniversary of the ILLEGAL sanctions that took place against Eritrea is approaching us on December 23rd, 2010 the fact remains that the sanctions are just a tool that were created to scare the people & Government of Eritrea. However, the sanctions have emboldened and even made Eritreans stronger than ever. To use a great example, it is almost like when the great athlete Zeresenay Tadesse a world record holder in the half marathon sprints to one of his finish lines and goes on to receive his Gold medal from the podium. Just like the great hero the people and government of Eritrea are about to reach their destination. They are sprinting away leaving behind those who don’t want to see Eritrea succeed. The reward for being patience is a share of Economic empowerment, food security and a revival of the nation in every sector of society.

Headed to the second phase of development that was delayed by the brief 1998 unwanted war, which was another form of trying to bring Eritreans into their knees, Eritrea’s economic outlook seems to be one of the fastest growing in the world. This according to the Economist Magazine which has been in the frontline of news organizations to defame Eritrea for so long, but when it comes to statistics the Economist or anyone for that matter can’t lie and they had to print the facts.

Unless on paper rarely does any country have enough leverage to make sanctions work. Weak countries may not be able to handle it and Eritrea according to some of these UN members was looked upon as a weak country. However, these UN members underestimated Eritrea once again. Some members of the Security Council did not agree with the illegal sanctions against Eritrea but a few powerful countries like the USA & Great Britain who have the influence necessary to enforce effective sanctions on their own did. So, as usual they went through the United Nations Security Council in the hopes of imposing comprehensive sanctions that looked like they had the broad support of other member states. Those who had moral values for which such a world body should stand for did their duty and the people of Eritrea will not forget.

On that cold winter day in December the very same body that betrayed Eritrea 60 years ago committed the same FOUL PLAY against Eritrea once again. But as one of the very few countries in the world that know their right as a member of this sometimes unfair international body, Eritreans and their government mobilized and showed the world that they are not to be played with. Together as one people the Eritrean SMART campaign was created to let the world know that ERITREANS KNOW THEIR RIGHTS! & THE ERITREAN SANCTIONS MUST BE ANNULED & REPEALED TODAY!

The Security Council abused its power to impose sanctions on Eritrea illegally. When & how is international peace being threatened or for that matter diplomatic efforts have not worked when it comes to Eritrea? It is when these two obligations occur that sanctions are resorted to according to the reason why the sanction method of punishing a country and Eritrea’s accusations were purely without any proof on the ground. All the lies that were cooked up by Susan Rice did not hold any water. The lady who tried to cover up the 1998 war by creating a quick fix to the solution once again tried using an old trick.

A trend that is toward targeted or so-called "smart" sanctions, which includes economic and trade sanctions, arms embargoes, travel bans and financial measures, such as freezing assets were imposed on Eritrea. While most members revisited the issue and found it to be unfair, unjust & illegal, the USA went as far as sanctioning an Eritrean individual member of the government through the treasury department. Meanwhile during the recent UN general assembly meeting in New York that sanctioned person made his way down to the nation’s capital and came right into downtown Washington D.C to the dismay and surprise of many. To an audience of an E-SMART Mekete dinner the Eritrean hero Yemane Gebreab got a warm reception and expressed his view to the audience, which was a clear indication that the sanctions don’t hold any water. Why? Because the sanctions were based on lies and unacceptable behavior by members of the Obama foreign policy team. Once the Security Council imposes sanctions, such as the ones against Eritrea, there are usually several specialized U.N. agencies and other intergovernmental organizations that play a role in their monitoring, implementation and compliance. In Eritrea’s case it was the ICG (International Crisis Group), which ended up getting busted for lies, and their art of deception was so contradictory that it failed miserably. Based in Belgium this organization has strong links to the UN through its lobbying efforts and vice versa.

But despite the Obama administration’s efforts to enforce “smart” sanctions on Eritrea, many experts say they are ILLEGAL to begin with and could set a dangerous precedent in international law. It is also to be noted that the E-SMART is much more smarter as well. Regardless of the campaign of disinformation and intimidation the Government and people of Eritrea reaffirm that they will hold on to the core issue of building a strong nation and the illegally concluded sanctions will be defeated by Eritreans world wide using the E-SMART Campaign.

The time is also now for President Barak Obama to act and take the illegal action of his team against the people of Eritrea immediately. Even a nine-year-old Eritrean-American boy has eloquently expressed the message of the Eritrean people in a clear language. Mr. Obama ANNUL & REPEAL these sanctions OR DO WHATEVER YOU GOT TO DO to remove them today.

ERITREAN SANCTIONS MUST BE ANNULED & REPEALED TODAY! Not Tomorrow or next week. Meanwhile Sanctions or not the Camel will keep moving to the promise land.

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