E-SMART National Day of Action: Actions spoke louder than words.

EDoAOn March 23rd, 2010 a month after the very successful Eritrean worldwide demonstrations that took the world by storm, the E-SMART National action day took place throughout the United States. In Washington D.C where hundreds of people flocked to the ECCC on 6th and L streets throughout the day, the fighting spirit that has been instilled in the hearts of every Eritrean was once again shining brightly.

Using the proper and legal methods of their adopted homeland, Eritrean Americans were making phone calls, e-mailing, faxing, and continuing the battle against the illegal and unjust sanctions that took place in December of 2009. This morning while the faxes were being sent in large numbers to the United States State Department, the fax machines were not able to handle the amount of letters and were turned off. It was also learned that some important people at the country’s highest office for international policy had their employees express their desire not to be called. They also expressed that the first lady of the state dept. had nothing to do with the sanctions. However the national action day got stronger by the minute. Other States were also involved heavily as the E-SMART campaign has been a great tool for Eritreans to battle against the very illegal and unjust sanction. Some of the States involved include, Illinois, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, California, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Massachusetts, Florida and more...

In addition, hundreds of Eritreans called their congress people, and senators from the metro DC area including Virginia & Maryland to strongly express their anger about the illegal and unjust sanctions. The phone calls made a huge difference, as the legislative assistants were educated about Eritrea & the sanctions while getting an earful. They were told to relay the concerns of Eritrean-Americans that the United States ambassador to the United nations and the many other actors who have been responsible for the sanctions need to re-think their policy in the horn of Africa. That Eritrean-Americans like Irish, Italian, Asian, African, and other Americans are law abiding, tax paying and hard working citizens who contribute to the betterment of their adopted homeland.

President Obama may have been busy lately working on a healthcare bill but Eritrean Americans did not want the controversial healthcare bill to get in their way as has been in the past with many other important domestic issues. However, they did not budge an inch from their mission of letting the leaders and leading institutions of this country get away from their wrong decisions and policy making towards Eritrea and the horn of Africa in general. The illegal sanctions against Eritrea must be annulled and repealed today and until the sanctions are completely removed the Eritrean people will continue to fight for justice. The type of movement that took place on National action day will continue until the sanctions are completely removed and beyond.

Today was a clear indication that Eritrean-Americans are ready to stand by their people and the very honest, hard working and self reliant Eritrean government for life as the government of Eritrea and the people of Eritrea are one entity together despite the divisions that are being sowed by those who don’t understand the relationship which was built over a period of many decades. The term “one Heart one people” sums it up and it is a true indication of how Eritrea is built as a nation.

Congratulations to the Mekete team, NUEW, YPFDJ, Hidri, PFDJ chapters in the metro area and to all Eritreans who came in large numbers to continue the fight for justice and peace in the horn of Africa via the E-SMART Campaign (ERITREAN SANCTIONS MUST be ANNULED & REPEALED TODAY!)

Awet N’hafash,
Zelalemawi Zikri Swatna,
Mike Seium