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Letter to President Obama About the Sanctions Against Eritrea!

By Amanuel Biedemariam

Dear President Obama,

On Christmas Eve Dec 23 of 2009, The US Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Susan Rice stepped in front of the microphone at the UN and said, “I want to talk about the resolution we just adopted imposing sanctions on Eritrea. This was an African initiative. It was the consequence of a decision taken by the African Union.”

Swedish Dimtsi Menesei Media Interviews Btseyti Sophia Tesfamariam

[Eritrean Radio Yottebory and surroundings presented by Alem Zemo; Amanuel Tesfaldet Umer Zebir And Bereket Tsegay (technician)]

Many thanks to you Sophia for the tireless dedication; for all the moral you give us, the education at many stages and specifically today for waking up at 5am to share with us the current campaign; and greetings to you.