UN Security Council Vote a Small Step in the Right Direction


UN Security Council Vote a Small Step in the Right Direction

The UN Security Council today unanimously voted to lift the sanctions it had imposed on Eritrea for the past nine years. This travesty of justice was nine years overdue but better late than never. All along, Eritrea has insisted that there was no basis for them and were only based on falsification planned in Washington and manufactured in Ethiopia.

As the Wikileaks cables amply exposed, the plan for the sanctions was carefully choreographed by Obama Administration officials at USUN while the minority government that ruled Ethiopia until six months ago served as a lead actor with gullible IGAD members playing a supporting role. With the truth-challenged SEMG (Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group) compiling doctored up evidence and outright lifting from Ethiopian intelligence reports. The scripts that were peddled the past ten years were full of phantom Eritrean soldiers fighting in Somalia, phantom officers in phantom operations, and phantom planes that delivered weapons to Somali insurgents. In short there was no stone left unturned in order to frame Eritrea and vilify its name. In the final analysis, even the monitoring group was forced to admit that “For the fifth consecutive year the Monitoring Group found no evidence of Eritrean support for Al-Shabaab.” This in itself is an admission that today’s Security Council vote to lift the sanctions is over five years overdue.

Eritrea and Eritreans were forced to endure a lot of financial harassment, even the 2% rehabilitation tax the Eritrean Diaspora initiated in 1992 to help rebuild Eritrea, was taken as a crime and some Western nations went to great lengths to harass and intimidate citizens of Eritrean origin for helping education and health programs in Eritrea. Eritrea’s nascent mining industry was particularly taken as a target and was accused with all sorts of labels. Glad the UN Security Council had finally admitted that “… The Monitoring Group also found no evidence of large shipments of weapons or ammunition to or from Eritrea in violation of the two-way arms embargo.”

Even with the overblown Djibouti narrative, the UN body was forced to admit that: “On 22 March 2018, with support from the Djiboutian Armed Forces, the Monitoring Group conducted a mission to the standoff position south of Ras Doumeira in Djibouti. The Group was unable to verify claims made by representatives of the Djiboutian Armed Forces that Eritrean troops were occupying the former Qatari observer force camp in Ras Doumeira.“

Today the UN Security Council has unanimously voted to: “lift from the date of adoption of this resolution the arms embargoes, travel bans, asset freezes and targeted sanctions imposed on Eritrea by the Security Council in its resolutions 1907 (2009) 2023 (2011), 2060 (2012) and 2111 (2013),” and admitting “its satisfaction that funds derived from the mining sector of Eritrea are not contributing to violations of resolutions 1844 (2008), 1862 (2009), 1907 (2009) or 2023 (2011)”, has also decided “that from the date of adoption of this resolution, States are no longer required to undertake the measures set out in paragraph 13 of resolution 2023 (2011)”.

Time and again Eritrea has been wronged by the United Nations. Eritrea was the only modern African nation formerly under European colonial rule that was denied its right to decolonization. The UN also chose to see the other way as Eritrean population was subjected to untold atrocities under the hands of successive Ethiopian regimes. Furthermore, for the last eighteen years, as Ethiopia, in breach of International Law and Security Council resolutions, and the final and binding Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) Decisions, was illegally occupying sovereign Eritrean territories. Early the UN had kept quite as nearly a hundred thousand Ethiopians of Eritrean origin were ethnically cleansed from Ethiopia. However, we hope the world body had turned a corner with this vote and will positively work to right the wrongs it brought upon Eritrea by its nearly nine year old hostility. We also hope a lesson has been learned and no country will be subjected to this kind of biased political process.

In this occasion the National Council of Eritrean Americans (NCEA) would like to congratulate the people and government of Eritrea for their extraordinary level of steadfastness and resilience amid all the hostilities that were directed at them from the Western world led by the United States and for foiling one more plot that was designed to undermine their independence and sovereignty under the cover of these sanctions.

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