Shame on You Ms Keetharuth and Your Commission of Inquiry

Shame on You Ms Keetharuth and Your Commission of Inquiry
Dawit D. Ghebremedhin
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Dear Ms. Keetharuth,

If it was any other syndicate, organization, company, or business they would have fired you immediately the moment your report, under the United Nations Commission of Inquiry’s on Human Rights in Eritrea was published. But we are talking of the UN an organization known for its inefficiency. I also understand that your report only ensures your position in a gulf of agenda motivated lying delusional puppets of the Western Powers. Going into detail would be the rational and professional thing to do when analyzing the so called “report” you and your meddling friends have published, but since the report represents anything but professionalism and decorum, I’ll save the time of going into great detail about this report of yours. It would be a complete waste of my time and my readers time. Frankly speaking what you have written is an utter garbage.

Forgive me if my emotions get the best of me, but what this report represents is a feeble attempt of degrading Eritrea’s nationalism and stability. Any person who is familiar with the content of the report would come to two conclusions. One: the authors of the report are terribly misinformed or two: there is an agenda that is leading to the startling inaccurate information presented in this report. Sadly, we live in a world where the latter is the norm to produce crimes against innocent nations and leaders.

First and foremost there is a stunning abundance of methodological flaws in this report. One of the first things that stands out is the lack of independence and impartiality. Not only by the people who lobbied for the creation of the Commissions of Inquiry, but the people who wrote this report as well. By the way I’m being immensely polite to call this collection of fabrications and a pathetic attempt to destroy Eritrea and everything it stands for a "report"; it is a disgrace and this written piece of work is anything but a “report” in the proper sense.

Yes, Ms. Keetharuth, I’m referring to you. You served as the sole Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Situation in Eritrea. You were a former member of Amnesty International which is notorious for the ill intents it harbors towards Eritrea. The whole process of creating the Commission was led by a group of foreign-funded regime-change activists. These groups who lobbied the Human Rights Council have OPENLY called for a regime-change in Eritrea. The idea that the UN with all of its prestige and the reputation it’s supposed to hold amongst the rest of the world has the audacity to let you and your other weak-minded friends to publish this is in itself outright ludicrous.

I haven’t even gotten into the ridiculous regurgitated fabricated content in the report and have already disregarded its credibility and you Ms. Keetharuth wonder why the Eritrean Government did not answer your request to enter the country to investigate the Human Rights Situation in Eritrea. You, having the permission to enter the country, wouldn’t have made the slightest of a difference in the content of the "report". Your agenda was pre-established; essentially that was to destroy Eritrea and to paint this completely made up vision of what Eritrea stands for. I love the fake despicable sympathy you show for the so called suffering that the Eritrean people face due to the “injustice” of the Eritrean government. Give me a break!

Let me get to the part that would make any professional cringe. The source of your so called credible honest data or research is what really puzzles me. The majority of the sources of your information, since you could not visit Eritrea, (why would Eritrea allow a person like you to walk on its precious and sacred soil?) where asylum seekers in refugee camps in, of all places, ETHIOPIA and DJIBOUTI . Two countries who currently have no formal diplomatic relationship with Eritrea. Not to mention the fact that these two countries are in an ongoing conflict with Eritrea. The asylum seekers have a blatant conflict of interest as they need to feed you and your blind henchmen of stories of persecution to gain asylum along with the fact that they are in countries who have hostile relationships with Eritrea. Your report’s credibility cannot stoop lower than this. They also can be considered phantom for once they are cited you cannot actually find out who they really are. They are literally last resorts.

I also find it baffling that there were thousands of National Service men and Women of Eritrea and Eritrean citizens who tried to contact you and were willing to give you their own input, their stories after you released your first report on the Human Rights Issue in Eritrea. Yet, their attempts of contacting you were met with generic email replies that made it evident that your report was not aiming for credibility but is guided by an anti-Eritrea agenda.

The "report" is full of many outrageous claims varying from “systematic torture” to “institutional rape” to “extrajudicial killings” to “a shoot to kill border policy” to “forced labor”, to “indefinite national service”. All of these claims are nullified due to the fact your sources are the least credible and the agendas of the "report" is harboring these claims. But some of these claims’ validity is worsened through real facts that I’ll tell you right now.

You refer to the National Service as indefinite; this is completely wrong. The NO PEACE NO WAR notion has prolonged the National Service for sure, but is not and has never been indefinite. I love how the same Western Powers that have made you stoop so low as you now have compromised your integrity are the same Powers that promised to be guarantor of the Algiers Peace Agreement and Border Verdict between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 2000, yet they are saying nothing as Ethiopia still illegally occupies Eritrea's sovereign territory violating the border Commission's decision. We are under existing threats due to this; so we must be ready to defend ourselves. Due to the predicament we have been placed in, we have the National Service to help prepare everyone to defend their country, if and when the warmongering Ethiopians decide to invade more territory, in addition to what they already are illegally occupying right now, at this moment. Yet this is totally ignored by you. In times of crisis which Eritrea has been placed in for quite a while now, we need to defend ourselves against existing threats. The U.N.’s lack of action when it comes to Ethiopia’s crimes against Eritrea has forced us to choose our priorities. We are wisely using the limited resources we have to build our infrastructure as we are improving vastly as a shining beacon in the desolate Horn of Africa and you have the slightest nerve to accuse us of these disgusting vile allegations while we are being abused and as crimes are being committed against us that are so blatant.

You also try to make some point of the influx of immigrants fleeing the country due to the "terrible situation in Eritrea". Yet there’s such a lack of evidence to these allegations that your words die and wither away. The so called gargantuan number of immigrants fleeing should have been more closely examined by the Commission of Inquiry. Obama himself has stated that the U.S. and European countries are working with other agencies, organizations, and corporations to smuggle Eritrean youth out of Eritrea just so they can be abandoned along the way to the so called prosperous western nations as they are left to die and rot away. These are major crimes, yet you never mentioned or investigated them. Western Countries are placing advantages to asylum seekers who claim to be for "Eritrean". This is leading to an inflated numbers on Eritreans who flee the country. For example where are the Ethiopian refugees in the picture? Ethiopia which is by all means way poorer than Eritrea, is a country in which the majority are being oppressed by a tiny minority, and is a country ravaged by a corrupt regime that has a ridiculous record of mass torture, executions, and unjust arrests, and a country with a population of 100 million, twenty times the population of Eritrea. Or take Somalia which has a much greater population than Eritrea and the country has been in chaos for over 25 years. Where are the Somali refugees? Did you bother to ask these questions? Did it occur to you not everyone who claims to be Eritrean is genuinely Eritrean? It is well known that people from these countries try to assume Eritrean identities as refugees seeking political asylum as doing so helps them ensure a better chance of reaching Europe. The Commission of Inquiry never mentions this nor does it mention other factors like economic predicaments when looking to fleeing Eritreans. It is assumed everyone who says Eritrean is Eritrean and everyone who leaves Eritrea is leaving for political reason. That is a false assumption.

The timing of the release of the report further establishes the hidden agenda to destroy Eritrea. More importantly, it is intended to destroy international relationships dedicated to the development of the country. I love how you Ms. Keetharuth fail to look at all the positive achievements Eritrea has amassed as a country that has only been on its feet for a mere 24 years. It is exceeding expectations and is showing Africa that it needs to reject the aid of the Western Powers and find self-improvement and stabilization. The Eritrean government is working diligently to improve social programs, food security, healthcare and medical programs, education, infrastructures, and simply the general economic and social lives of Eritrean citizens and it's paying off. It’s growth as a country is well known as recorded on the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. This has caused many international corporations to invest in Eritrea and help it grow. This report published by you is clearly an attempt to erase and destroy this phenomenal progress we are making. Eritrea is a shining light and your "report", full of disgusting lies, is simply trying to diffuse the light. But this will not happen.

I know writing back to you is a lost cause as you Ms. Keetharuth hide in the shadows where you rightfully belong; many people have lost respect for you and the more you talk to the media you are showing how hateful you are. The irony is that you are an African sister, in the hire to destroy a shining African Country. Know that your intents are known by the Eritrean people, we are not worried about your lies.

But know that as you try to tarnish the name of Eritrea like you have done in your report it’s the obligation of us Eritreans to be right there protecting our name from fools like you who don’t see that we are trying to go against all the odds. We need to be loud and ready to disregard people like you who are truly sad and stuck in the wrong place. Next time write a report on how native Africans, if any have survived, are treated in Mauritius, your home country. Do your country a favor and go and be an advocate for the Human Rights there. We don’t need your two-face self talking about our beautiful country. Although Eritrea has its flaws and challenges, we are persevering. We are trying to grow and fix the problems we have and we are doing so. Only twenty-four years, yet we have already accomplished so much and we look to do more because there is still much improvement that can be done. So please leave us alone and go fix what truly is a terrible Human Rights Problem in the vicinity of your own home country; look at how the indigenous population of Diego Garcia were treated by the British and Americans for the sake of building an army base for the U.S.

You are trying to teach us about the fundamentals of Human Rights. Please spare us your lecture, as the Al Jazeera's The Stream Host tried to remind you few days ago, on teaching a group of people who fought 30 difficult years through their blood and sweat for freedom of their nation, one of the principal aspects of Human Rights. Please don’t lecture us on something our fellow Eritreans have died for. Human Rights is something we definitely understand. Please leave us alone.

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