(EritreaAt24 Series: May 16th) Rejuvenate, Rethink and Respect “ERITREA Independence day ”

Let's Rejuvenate, Rethink and Respect "ERITREA'S Independence day”

Mike Seium

On May 24th, 2015 Eritrea will be 24 years old and it continues to be one of the few African countries that has truly been independent. Every Eritrean knows the history of on how this independence came about and what precious price was paid for it, but we need to tell it to the world, and if need be to repeat it over and over again; it is a good thing. Repeating leaves an everlasting memory. In short we need to “Rejuvenate, Rethink and Respect “ERITREA'S Independence day .”

ERITREA IS TRULY INDEPENDENT! An incredible accomplishment considering the many obstacles and battles it has faced within its short period of time. In order to understand the term “ERITREA'S INDEPENDENCE DAY ” we must put many things into perspective and not abandon the idea why so many people gave up their lives for this worthy cause. After years of occupation by different colonial powers, and after thirty years of Armed Struggle for Independence, and the loss of thousands of Eritreans, the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front liberated Eritrea in what was probably the most efficient and organized liberation movement in history. To put a stamp of approval on this amazing accomplishment, “Independence” was recognized in 1993 after an a free and fair internationally supervised referendum was held resulting in 99.83% voting in favor of “INDEPENDENCE” with a 98.5% turnout and Eritrea became independence de jure on May 24, 1993, crowning its de facto independence since May 24, 1991.

As Eritrea and Eritreans get ready to celebrate the 24th year of independence, a lot of negative statements have been written and said about the nation. Why? Because the fact that Eritrea has been able to independently manage it’s own affairs. This mere fact seems to be a huge problem for those who were part and parcel of the reason why Eritrea was under occupation in the first place. The fact that ERITREA has been able to change it’s own course by building schools, clinics, and providing the basic necessities of life, including food security to the masses as well as reaching the projected target of the UN Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs) is an amazing achievement by any standards.

Those who are encouraging the flight of youth out of Eritrea are doing it purposely in hopes of bringing Eritrea down to its knees. However, ERITREA never ever kneels down. It didn't kneel down during its Armed Struggle for Independence and it will never kneel down now. The conspiracy that is encouraging the youth to flee Eritrea is based on many evil desires. (1) Create a crisis and a no war no peace situation (2) The Youth would leave attracted with a better life in the west and in the process providing cheap labor, (3) ERITREA will lose its young and dynamic children, where it hurts the most, (4) Eritrea will be in a very difficult situation and therefore Eritrea will crumble. As a result, young people desperate for economic prosperity overnight falling for a trap that does not help themselves or their country end up making news headlines.

Sad as it may seem, the pull factors from the west is making African youth leave their homeland not knowing what they would get when they arrive in the west. It is also to be noted that all of them have become victims of traffickers, and smugglers where their families contribute large sums of money when they could use it to do something more constructive.

The few Eritreans who believe the Ethiopian regime would sustain them if they went to their camps are ending up in a traumatic experience with a heart wrenching experience. Little did they know that many UN-funded organizations, western based charity organizations, so called human rights advocates, including those that are faith-based organizations are out there for their own interest more than the care of humanity. In fact some of their members are working hand and glove with the human trafficking and human smuggling industry. No one denies that there are youth leaving Eritrea, but if we do the math, however, the number of Eritreans that leave is a tiny fraction of the youth that stay in Eritrea to further their education and serve their country honorably. The number of students getting higher education (getting bachelors, masters and doctorate), getting technical and vocation education at the diploma and certificate level has grown by leaps and bounds since independence a clear indication that there exists a structure that allows the youth to flourish. However, you will never read about this story because it is too good to be true in the eyes of those who want to see the demise of ERITREA.

It is a well know fact that many youth of the Horn of Africa, but particularly people from northern Ethiopia, through the assistance of the Ethiopian regime, people that have nothing to do with Eritrea, are claiming to be Eritreans and trying to get asylum in Europe and resettled in Canada and the US. This is designed on one hand to inflate the numbers of Eritreans leaving the country so that it can help in the vilification campaign and in the other hand earn Ethiopia with assistance hard currency in the name of "refugees" and "help" Tigreans resettle in the west. The UN refugee agencies and western countries have been accepting Ethiopian refugees using fake Eritrean identity, we will see how things play with the issuing of the new and secure Eritrean Identity cards.

Let us examine how and why some youth are living ERITREA. The first and foremost problem is the fact that ETHIOPIA is still illegally occupying sovereign Eritrean territory despite the fact that the final and binding arbitration ruling of the Boundary Commission set up after the 1998-2000 Ethiopia's invasion have affirmed the territories have always been Eritrean. Those who want Eritrean youth to suffer are responsible for Ethiopia's illegal occupation. If it was not for their financial and diplomatic cover, Ethiopia has no wherewithal to occupy Eritrean territory even for a month. The evil design of Ethiopia's enabler's is to keep Eritrea in a perpetual war footing, because they know ERITREA has to defend itself and unfortunately the youth have to carry the burden. By this their plan is to frustrate the youth and encourage them to leave the country and weaken the Eritrean defense forces. A plan that has failed miserably.

As a fallback plan to the above mention plan was the systematic sanctions put on ERITREA in the name of the UN, an institution that lives to serve the interests of the powerful. It was set up to resolve international conflicts and formulate policies on matters affecting regional peace, however, it has become a vehicle to destabilize nations and region. In the case of ERITREA the UN Security Council was used as a tool of the US and its allies to accuse ERITREA falsely for the mess they created in Somalia and ERITREA was sanctioned for it. In other words those that were responsible for the misery and chaos in Somalia blamed ERITREA and the purpose of the sanctions was designed to prop up Ethiopia not to help Somalia. An arms embargo was placed on Eritrea so that it doesn't defend itself against another Ethiopian invasion. The sanctions thus are designed to give Ethiopia a means to continue its war of aggression.

As we speak before and after the Eritrean-Ethiopian war there were and are millions of migrants who want to migrate from Africa, Asia and Latin America for a "better" life in Europe or the Americans, but has been the norm to defame and attack ERITREA more than any other country for the simple reason that it is SELF-RELIANT and “INDEPENDENT” and these go against the interests of the big powers. That is why they have concluded ERITREA must be punished and vilified through media, illegal sanctions, lies and innuendos. Trying to take away ERITREA's hard won “INDEPENDENCE” for the sake of a dead beat ally like the regime in Ethiopia will not work. Quite the contrary, those that are trying to hurt Eritrea are systematically pushing Ethiopia into a deadly path that will destroy the Ethiopia they hope to preserve. Today Ethiopia is under the brutal rule of a minority regime that does not represent even 5% of Ethiopia.

Knowing this, let's all continue to defend Eritrea's true image so by joining hands around the world and making sure that Eritrea’s independence is Rejuvenated, Rethought and Respected. It has been a while since Ethiopia and its enablers have opened a huge media war against Eritrea it is time that we match their lies with the truth. We Eritreans are used to win wars against Eritrea's enemies despite their numbers and resources. It was our MEKHETE that got us our independence, it is our MEKHETE that is protecting our independence and come this May 24 we should renew our MEKHETE pledges. We owe it to all those precious lives that were paid to make May 24, Eritrea's independence a reality. We must be united in our common interests at all times. We must unconditionally remember the 24th of May as we continue over and over again to protect our hard earned freedom. We’re fighting for our right to live, our right to exist as a sovereign nation. Enemies of Eritrea like it or not, we shall overcome poverty and build a prosperous Eritrea that will be the envy of its neighbors, Eritrea will live on, and it is going to thrive!

So on this “INDEPENDENCE DAY” let us Rejuvenate, Rethink and Respect the freedom so many lost their lives for.