Charlotte, Houston and Philadelphia Express Solidarity with CT4TPJE

March 29, 2015

The National Council of Eritrean Americans of Charlotte, NC Lends its support to the Cycling Tour for Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea.

The NCEA at Charlotte NC would like to Express its support and solidarity with European-Eritreans and the Cycling Tour for Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea.

It has now been 13 years since the Eritrean Ethiopian Boundary Commission (EEBC) delivered its verdict in favor of Eritrea; The Ethiopian government however continues to violate both its treaty obligation and the final and binding verdict of the EEBC in violation of International law by illegally occupying territory awarded to Eritrea.

At the Eritrean Public Forum held on Sunday, March 29, 2015 in Charlotte NC all the participants showed their unanimous support of solidarity with the 25 European-Eritrean Cyclists on their 1700 Kilometers tour starting from Sweden and ending in Geneva, Switzerland on April 13, 2015 to raise awareness to the European Public. Our hearts and minds are with you. Finally, we call the international community to persuade Ethiopia to abide by the final and binding verdict of the EEBC and the Algiers Agreement; so that the occupation of Eritrean territory can come to an end and both countries can resume peaceful coexistence as neighbors.

Awet N' Hafash
NCEA at Charlotte, NC

March 31, 2015

Eritrean’s in Houston and its environs are standing for Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea.
We understand the importance to support The Action Day through your Cycling Tour for Truth, Peace, Justice for Eritrea. You are leaders uniting our voices, speaking for us across the world. We caucus leaders of the Houston NCEA are proud to stand in solidarity with the Cycling Tour to defend the interest of Eritrea.

Your Fight is Our Fight; Your Struggle is our Struggle!
Awet N’Hafash
National Council of Eritrean Americans - Houston, Texas

April 5, 2015

The Eritrean-Americans & The Eritrean Community of Philadelphia are proud to support and to be part of the cycling tour ​for Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea. Eritrea is working to ensure peace and security.

Strongly we call the unjust sanctions imposed upon Eritrea to be lifted. The Eritrean-Americans in Philadelphia along with The Eritrean Community of Philadelphia, we call on our American Government and the international community to propose and back a resolution to repeal these unjust sanctions against this young nation whose principal foreign policy goal is to help secure peace and security in war-ravaged horn of Africa.

Furthermore, Ethiopia is in breach of its treaty obligation and rejection of international law, continue to occupy sovereign Eritrean territory and it has refused to implement the 13 years old border decision. We call on The International Community and The American Government ​as the guarantors of the Algiers Agreement, have an obligation to compel Ethiopia to immediately and unconditionally vacate the sovereign Eritrean territories it is illegally occupying, including the town of Badme.

Eritrean-Americans Philadelphia