Boston and Seattle Send Messages of Solidarity to the CT4TPJE

April 6, 2015
The NCEA of Greater Boston and New England Express Solidarity with CT4TPJE

The National Council of Eritrean Americans of greater Boston and New England area lends its full and unequivocal support to the Cycling Tour for Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea.

The NCEA of greater Boston and New England;

  1. Calls upon the guarantors of the Algiers Agreement, The United Nations, The United States, The European Union, The African Union and the International Community to shoulder its responsibilities and demarcate the “Final and Binding” border ruling of the Eritrean and Ethiopian Boundary Commission (EEBC) and force the Ethiopian government to end the occupation of Sovereign Eritrean Territory for over 13 Years now. It is time for the international community to persuade Ethiopia to abide by the final and binding verdict of the EEBC and the Algiers peace agreement between Eritrean and Ethiopia.

    As Lord Eric Avebury put it on his response letter to Ethiopian Ambassador in the UK regarding Ethiopia’s request to modify the final and binding ruling of the EEBC,

    “No mechanisms to revisit the EEBC decision and the first step towards normalization of relation with Eritrea is if Ethiopia unconditionally accept the final and binding nature of the Commission’s findings” – Lord Eric Avebury

  2. Calls upon the United Nations to lift the “Unfair & Unjust Sanction against the Eritrean People” for crimes Eritrea have never committed. Eritrea, as a nation that has faced its fair share of destabilization attempts by foreign religious extremists and it is the most reliable partner for peace and security in the Horn of Africa deserves help and positive engagement, definitely not sanctions based on lies.

    There is no “evidence” that links Eritrea to Al Shabaab or any form of extremism in the region. The sanction against Eritrea was imposed on fabricated allegations presumably Eritrea Supporting Al Shabaab which Eritrea has categorically rejected from day one and proven to be that Eritrea was right. There was no rational justification to impose the sanctions in the first place, and there is even less rational explanation to maintain them now. The fact that the SEMG (Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group) has come out in the open and admitted that there is no credible evidence that links Eritrea to Somalia in its past three reports. Thus we feel the immediate and unconditional lifting of these sanctions is long overdue.

In conclusion, we fully support the Eritrean Government endeavors to peace and prosperity in Eritrea and applaud the achievements Eritrea has registered. Eritrea is one of the 1st country in Africa that has achieved the Millennium developments goals set by the United Nations and we call upon the international community to persuade Ethiopia to abide by the final and binding verdict of the EEBC and the Algiers Agreement and lift the unjust sanction against Eritrea so that the occupation of Eritrean territory can come to an end and both countries can resume peaceful coexistence as neighbors.

NCEA Boston!

April 6, 2015
Seattle Backs Our “Cycling Tour for Truth, Peace and Justice”

The Eritrean community in Greater Seattle Area fully supports our cycling team’s effort to bring to the attention of the United Nations that had kept its shameful double standard by ignoring the illegal occupation of our territories by Ethiopia to appease certain major powers. The team, made up of some patriotic Eritrean youth, who are pedaling their way from Göteborg to Geneva, some 1700 kms and covering many of the major European cities, for the noble cause of reaffirming Eritrea’s firm stand for “Truth, Peace and Justice” that has eluded Eritrea for too many years.

As a token of our appreciation, the Eritrean community of Seattle Metropolitan area has proudly given a monetary gift to our cycling team for this deserving cause.

Our Independence is irreversible

ዓወት ንሓፋሽ!