(EritreaAt24 Series: May 10th) Significance of Independence

The Eritrean people is unfailingly and diligently working on securing the hard-earned inalienable independence while the leadership that's faced with many challenges is working tirelessly in building a self-reliant nation without incurring a back-breaking debt of billions of dollars for coming generations. The goal of the EPLF was not only to gain independence, but also to ensure economic development based on social justice as the people of Eritrea paid dearly for this.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 9th) Eritrea: Blossoming beautifully at 24!

Eritrea's 24 years of independence have been marked by war, drought, sabotage from within and outside, unfair and illegal sanctions, illegal occupation of its territories and unwarranted hostilities by a US-lead west. Despite it all, Eritrea's government has used its fair share of mining revenue for the benefit of all Eritreans by focusing on projects that benefit all. Eritrea pins its hope not on gold or silver, but on its even more precious and priceless resource: its children. Its achievements in the last 24 years in providing health and education services, in water conservation, food security, and infrastructure development indeed has been remarkable and its promise is inspiring.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 9th) እናሓደረ ክብሩ ዝድራዕ፡ ድምቀቱ ዝዅላዕ ናጽነት!

24 ግንቦት፡ ካብ ድቕድቕ ጸልማት ናብ ድሙቕ ብርሃን፡ ካብ ባርነት ናብ ናጽነት፡ ዳግማይ ምውላድ ሃገር ዘበሰረት ዕለት፡ ናይ ሚእቲ ዓመት ምዕራፍ ቃልሲ ወለዶታት ዝዛዘምናሉ ጕዕዞን እዩ። ነቶም ነዚ ዕዙዝን ክቡርን ብርሃን ናጽነት ዘጓናጸፉና ስውኣትና፡ ቅሰኑ ክብል ከመስግን! ነቶም ሕድሪ ኣጽኒዖም ገና ከየዕረፉ ከይተሓለሉ፡ ለይትን መዓልትን፡ ብተጸዋርነትን ትብዓትን፡ ሃገር ዝሃንጹን ዝከላኸሉን ዘለዉ ሓርበኛታት፡ ገዳይም ዋርሳይ፡ ሃገራዊ ኣገልግሎት፡ ነቲ ዕጉስ ህዝቢ ክምጉስ ከመስግንን! መሪሕነትና የቝመልና! ነቶም ኣብ ፈቐዶ ከባቢታት ዓለም ዘለዉ ተቓለስቲ ኤርትራውያን ድማ፡ ነዚ ቅድሚ ሕጂ ክንገብሮ ዝጸናሕና ሃገራዊ መኸተ፡ ኣገናዕ እናበልኩ፤ “እናሓደረ ክብሩ ዝድራዕ፡ ድምቀቱ ዝዅላዕ ናጽነት"፡ ኣብ ማህደር ልብና ጌርና ንንቀሳቐስ!!

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 8th) Eritrea: A Beacon of Stability and Hope in a Troubled Region.

As Eritreans, we have demonstrated our strength and tenacity as a people and as a nation through our tested ability to stay the course even in the face of relentless adversity and intrigues and determination to continue to pursue our aspirations of a prosperous, stable and truly democratic nation. Collectively and individually, we should be neither motivated nor feel the obligation to adapt to and embrace an essentially unethical, plutocratic and sociopathic international political and socio-economic system.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 8th) Eritrea the First Truly Independent Nation in Africa (ድሕሪ ኤሮጳዊ መግዛእቲ ኣብ ኣፍሪቃ ፈላሚ ሓቀኛ ናጽነት ኤርትራ)

After the end of World War II, many former colonies in African have achieved nominal independence from European rule, however, only Eritrea, independent since 1991, can be said is the first truly independent nation in Africa. It is the only nation that has a government that has chosen to chart its own organic and independent path of development.