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Ever since the first bullet was fired by Idris Awate on Sep. 1, 1961 in defiance of Ethiopia's attempt to annex Eritrea, the fight of Eritreans has always been for "PEACE, FREEDOM & RESPECT TO HUMAN RIGHTS". It was a fight for freedom from Ethiopian occupation to full independence and after Eritrea's Independence in 1991; the fight has never lost its cause of achieving social, political & economic freedoms despite facing unimaginable conspiracies both globally & at home.

Cycling Tour for Truth, Peace and Justice at the end of Day 6

At the end of its 6th day of cycling from Göteborg, Sweden to Geneva, Switzerland, the Cycling Tour for Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea received a warm welcome at the closing ceremony of the 11th Annual Euro-YPFDJ Conference in Germany. Hundreds of Eritrean youth from all over Europe have been holding their 11th annual conference since 2 April 2015 . The cyclists arrived at the conference after cycling from Giessen where they had spent the night of April 4.

Cycling Tour 4 the Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea at the 11th Annual Euro-YPFDJ Conference

Tour Battled Steep Slopes as it biked to Kassel from Hanover

In its 4th day the Cycling Tour for Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea battled steep slopes on its 165 km ride to Kassel from Hanover. However, to these experienced bikers, tested by the steep slopes of Nefasit-Shegrini on the Massawa-Asmara road and Libi Tigray on the Keren-Asmara road, the ride, though challenging, was manageable. They handled it well and have successfully arrived in Kassel to the warm welcome of the Eritrean community in the city.

Show your support to CT4TPJE

The Cycling Tour for the Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea began in Sweden on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 on its way to Geneva where it is expected to arrive on Monday the 13th of April. Cyclists from 10 different countries and scores more of their supporters are biking through Sweden, Germany and Switzerland highlighting the truth about Eritrea and its people and how, despite repeatedly being wronged by the west, the country is forging forward and has become an oasis of peace and harmony in the Horn of Africa. They are also calling for an immediate and unconditional implementation of the 13-year old, final and binding, boundary decision and an end to Ethiopia's illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories. Furthermore, they will call for an end to the illegal UN sanctions imposed on Eritrea based on totally fabricated and falsified “evidence” by Ethiopia and its western enablers.

Please show your support to the campaign by making your donations today through the link below. Together we can make a difference. Thank you.

Cycling Tour 4 the Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea