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(EritreaAt24 Series: May 12th) Remembering She'eb Victims: Part of the Huge Price for May 24

On May 12th 1988 Ethiopian soldiers massacred more than 400 elderly, women and children in She'eb and surrounding villages. About 80 of these victims were crashed under tank chains. As we prepare to celebrate May 24 in 12 days, we pause to remember these innocent victims of one of the many Ethiopian atrocities. Eritrea's Independence is a reality today because of the very high price that the gallant sons and daughters of Eritrea paid. More than 65,000 of them passed to achieve it, and more than 19,000 gave their young lives defending it. In addition to these, tens of thousands of civilians were massacred in cold blood by successive Ethiopian regimes. Starting from 1961 to 1991 the horrors Eritrean civilians met at the hands of barbaric Ethiopian occupation is beyond description.

She'eb Memorial

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 11th) Eritrea: 24 Years of Dignity

The average Eritrean like me feels tremendous pride and dignity in Eritrea’s focused attitude and steady stride in the past 24 years against insurmountable odds. This sense of pride and dignity is not easily discernible to those who watch her from afar. My beautiful Eritrea, to me, is the land of dignity.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 11th) Celebrating Genuine Independence by Focusing on Development Through Resilience

On May 24, Eritreans inside the country as well as all over the world will be celebrating the 24th anniversary of their independence. Eritrea's independence is not of the neo-colonial type. It is genuine and meaningful. In short, the Eritrean people have a lot to celebrate, as they have truly become owners and masters of their destiny. This means Eritreans will be celebrating their 24th independence anniversary and commit themselves to "development through resilience".

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 10th) Significance of Independence

The Eritrean people is unfailingly and diligently working on securing the hard-earned inalienable independence while the leadership that's faced with many challenges is working tirelessly in building a self-reliant nation without incurring a back-breaking debt of billions of dollars for coming generations. The goal of the EPLF was not only to gain independence, but also to ensure economic development based on social justice as the people of Eritrea paid dearly for this.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 9th) Eritrea: Blossoming beautifully at 24!

Eritrea's 24 years of independence have been marked by war, drought, sabotage from within and outside, unfair and illegal sanctions, illegal occupation of its territories and unwarranted hostilities by a US-lead west. Despite it all, Eritrea's government has used its fair share of mining revenue for the benefit of all Eritreans by focusing on projects that benefit all. Eritrea pins its hope not on gold or silver, but on its even more precious and priceless resource: its children. Its achievements in the last 24 years in providing health and education services, in water conservation, food security, and infrastructure development indeed has been remarkable and its promise is inspiring.