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(EritreaAt24 Series: May 19th) The a, b, c's of Eritrea

Eritrea wins, simply because it is. Yes, it crawls. It stumbles. It grasps. It misses. But, it also hits. It progresses. It develops. It moves forward. It lives. It stands. Those that wrote off Eritrea or continue to condemn it, forgot about or choose to remain ignorant of the simple basics about the country. Accordingly, and quite humbly (as local custom dictates), a crash-course on the a, b, c’s on Eritrean history is in order.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 18th) Eritrea at 24: An Oasis of Peace in the Arc of Crisis

At 24, Eritrea is still an oasis of religious harmony and a model of religious tolerance. In most Eritrean villages across the country, unlike in most parts of Africa, and much less in the Arc of Crisis region, one can see a church and a mosque standing side by side, attesting to the harmonious coexistence of the two major religions. Today, at 24, this oasis of peace and stability has embraced its future and is preparing for a takeoff.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 17th) May 24 a Day of Veneration, Inspiration, and Exception

The story of Eritrea leading up to May 24th is one of veneration, inspiration, and exception. A 30 year struggle taking the lives of 65,000, finally coming to end. Independence finally achieved. The only African nation to liberate itself from another African state. Since independence, Eritrea has continued to develop through resilience. It is flourishing socially, economically, and politically. The country is known for its political stability, low crime rate, and responsibility.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 16th) Rejuvenate, Rethink and Respect “ERITREA Independence day ”

On May 24th, 2015 Eritrea will be 24 years old and it continues to be one of the few African countries that has truly been independent. Every Eritrean knows the history of on how this independence came about and what precious price was paid for it, but we need to tell it to the world, and if need be to repeat it over and over again. We’re fighting for our right to live, our right to exist as a sovereign nation. Enemies of Eritrea like it or not, we shall overcome poverty and build a prosperous Eritrea that will be the envy of its neighbors, Eritrea will live on, and it is going to thrive!

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 15th) Proving all Naysayers Wrong

The nation that was supposed to be "on the brink of disaster" in 1945, in 1983, in 2000 and 2009 by the naysayers is still standing as tall as ever. Nevertheless, have Eritreans reached their nirvana? Absolutely not! Are they in the right direction to getting to their nirvana? YES! Eritrea is definitely in the way to achieving their vision.